Vince bought me a wooden shadow box in the shape of a house for Christmas 2007.  He thought I could feature some of the 1" scale miniature black and white Moonlight cats in each of the ten compartments.  I've been collecting them since 2000, and needless to say, I had several!  To make a long story short, I decided to use my extra wallpaper, carpet and furnishings for each of the compartments rather than painting or staining the frame.  I made sure my two favorite cats were positioned at the top; they were made for me by talented Sue Veeder who painted them to look just like Moonlight!

This turned out to be a quick and fun project, and I loved the finished result.  All those Moonlight kitties in one setting!  :)

"Moonlighting" was featured in the
June 2008 issue of American Miniaturist






















And finally, the Building Inspector checking our her favorite miniature project:




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